PastebinGTK 1.0

As this application has now reached feature parity with the website, I’ve decided to bump the version up to 1.0 instead of 0.4.


  • After getting a paste the cursor will now be set to the beginning of the text, instead of at the end.
  • Changed the textbox into a SourceView, which allows for syntax highlighting, line numbers, and other more advanced editing features. Currently the line numbers are enabled and working, but the syntax highlighting isn’t (I hate not having proper documentation to work from). The code for the highlighting is all in the application still, but it’s commented out.
  • Added more options to configure some of the new stuff. Also added an option for the developer key, with a request for the user to change it to their own so I don’t run into problems with people uploading too many things.
  • Added a feature to get the user’s account details and settings.


Packages can be downloaded from SourceForge, and the code is available on GitHub.

WeatherLog 1.10

Finally done!

This release has both the data subset update and help update, though I had originally intended to do them separately. See a previous post for more information about the data subsets. The new help files are included as both an offline copy, as well as hosted on Github Pages.

What’s Changed?

  • Major changes:
    • Updated the help.
    • Added data subsets.
  • Minor improvements:
    • Changed Remove to use the date selection dialog, instead of requiring one of the rows in the main window to be selected.
    • Changed program icon.
    • Fixed a few comments.


Downloads can be found on the SourceForge page, and the code is available on Github. Also, both sites say that it’s at version 1.10.1 instead of 1.10; there aren’t many differences, I was just an idiot and forgot to commit a couple changes.

PastebinGTK 0.3


  • Changed Delete Paste feature to show the list of the currently logged-in user’s pastes, with the title, key, format, and creation date. (Previously it just expected you to remember the key.)
  • Changed keybinding for Logout to Control-Shift-L. (Previously it was Control-Shift-1, for some reason that I don’t know.)
  • Added command line interface.
  • Added new global menu Text, and moved the Save and Load menu items into there.
  • Added buttons to List User’s Pastes and List Trending Pastes to get the currently selected paste.


Packages can be downloaded from SourceForge, and the code is available on GitHub.


It’s been a while since I updated this last, but I’ve started working on a couple projects again.

  • WeatherLog will be getting another release fairly soon, with the new data subset features as well as improved help files.
  • PastebinGTK is getting an update as well, mainly minor usability improvements.

WeatherLog: data subsets

Recently I’ve been working on my least favorite part of programming: user interface design.

These are what I have so far for the dialogs to specify criteria for selecting a subset of the data:

Select Data_002This is the simple dialog, and only allows one thing to be selected at a time.

Select Data_003This other one is the advanced dialog, and allows the user to specify from all of the criteria at once. The selection mode can be either “match all” (all criteria have to match for the data to be selected), “match at least one” (the data has to match at least one of the criteria), or “match none” (none of the criteria can fit the data). The comboboxes in the middle specify the conditions that have to be met (equal to, not equal to, less than, etc), while the entries specify the data to be compared. As shown in the screenshot, some conditions (between and outside) require multiple values, while others (equal to, not equal to) don’t require but can use them. The entries are not case sensitive.

So in the previous screenshot, the criteria will match data in which the temperature is less than 10 degrees, the precipitation type is snow,the wind speed is between 5 and 15 kph, the humidity is less than or equal to 67% and the cloud cover is anything other than sunny or partly sunny.

It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad for a start.