WeatherLog 3.2

Changes (Features)

  • For “most common” and “number of”-type fields in Info, the number of occurrences is now shown.
  • For precipitation totals, precipitation number of days days, air pressure number of days, cloud cover days, and cloud type days, the percentage of the respective total is now shown.
  • Added “most common cloud type” and “most common cloud cover” fields for Cloud Cover Info.
  • Added longer, more descriptive error message shown if Matplotlib isn’t installed when the user tries to open Graphs.
  • Renamed “Wind” graph to “Wind Speed”.
  • Renamed some menu items to be more consistent.
  • Reorganized some menu items.
  • Renamed some option text to be more descriptive.
  • Added tooltips to options.
  • Renamed “pre-filling” to “automatically filling”, and made some changes to the “data was automatically filled” dialog.
  • Removed “Save automatically” option and “Manual Save” menu item. All saving of data will now be done automatically. This feature hasn’t been relevant for quite a long time, as it was initially a workaround for issues with how data was saved in very early versions of WeatherLog.
  • Slightly changed exit confirmation message.
  • Renamed button in export file selection dialog to “Export” (was previously “Save”).
  • Renamed “OK” button when selecting conditions for a data subset to “View”.
  • Added a check in data subset condition selection so that conditions with blank values can no longer be entered.
  • CODE: file export selection dialog now uses a generic function (show_export_dialog()) instead of instances of Gtk.FileSelectionDialog.
  • CODE: rewrote exporting code to use generic functions. Instead of needing functions for each feature (main data list, subsets, info, charts, current weather), they now all use the generic function export.html_generic(). In addition, removed export_info module as it was now unnecessary.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed formatting issue with Weather Forecasts.
  • Added error checking for “Export to CSV” and “Export to HTML” buttons in Export. Previously, if no filename had been entered they would fail silently.
  • Fixed typo in Precipitation Info.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
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