WeatherLog 3.3

Changes (Features)

  • Added new operators for Data Subsets: “Starts With”, “Does Not Start With”, “Ends With”, “Does Not End With”, “Contains”, and “Does Not Contain”
  • Added Notes as a possible field to filter for Data Subsets.
  • Data Subsets will no longer prompt on removal of conditions, for usability reasons.
  • Delete key can now be used in Data Subsets to quickly remove conditions.
  • Enter key can now be used in all applicable dialogs to select the OK button without using the keyboard.
  • Changed website link and removed link to Weatherfire (which isn’t even usable anymore on current versions of Firefox OS).
  • CODE: Renamed files/dialogs/functions relating to Data Subsets to better reflect their current use. The new subsets system was sort of tacked onto what was left of the base of the previous iteration, and the naming really didn’t make sense anymore.
  • CODE: Cleaned up save() function. It had two parameters, “automatic” and “show_dialog”, both of which were left from the older manual saving system and were not used now. It also had an unused condition and dialog that were used for the same system. These were all removed.
  • CODE: Cleaned up exit() function. I don’t even know what was going on in this function, I don’t think I’ve actually looked at it since the first few releases. It was a mess of duplicated code and redundant conditions, and wasn’t very well thought out. For some reason there was also three different calls to save(), two of which only saved the configuration files (I have no idea why).
  • CODE: Removed unnecessary calls to save() in other places as well. This should help reduce the application slowing down a ton when working with lots of entries (I have a test file with 10000, and every time a save is called the application noticeably stutters briefly). Still need to work on the internal data structure to get info-related functions working faster.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed Export to Pastebin causing an error when trying to export as JSON.
  • Fixed Precipitation Type field not allowing string comparisons in Data Subsets.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
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