WeatherLog 4.0

Note that this release is not backwards compatible due to changes to the options system. However, old datasets will work if manually backed up and moved back after the configuration data has been overwritten.

The major changes this release are up-to-date and clearer help files, many UI improvements, and more options to configure the application.

Changes (Features)

  • Added new Help file. Instead of the old HTML pages it is now a PDF file generated from ODT. This makes it much easier to edit and update. This is something I’ve been putting off for quite a long time (as was clear by looking at the previous help files, it hadn’t been updated since 2.x.).
    • See the new help file here.
  • Improved the Notes field. It can now be multiple lines, and the value shown in the main data display will now be truncated if the note reaches a certain length.
  • Added option to control note truncating.
  • Added option for Pastebin API key.
  • Added new graphs options:
    • Graph color
    • Graph line thickness
    • Graph line style
    • Graph bar style
  • Double clicking on an item in the main data display will now open the Edit dialog for that item.
  • Added default stylesheet for HTML export. It currently uses the Minimal CSS theme that is also used for the application website.

Changes (Interface)

  • Add and Edit now use TextViews for the Notes field. This means that multi-line notes are now possible.
  • Options dialog has been cleaned up and had the tabs moved to the left.
  • Added new calendar range dialog. Instead of the two dialog system that was used previously, the new version has been streamlined into one.
  • Changed following dialogs to use frames instead of labels:
    • Dataset name
    • Dataset selection
    • Date selection
    • Import selection
    • Location selection
  • Changed label text on some dialogs.
  • Added some spacing to the following dialogs:
    • Options
    • Add
    • Edit

Changes (Code)

  • Added error checking to Export to Pastebin.
  • Changed some remaining hard-coded values to use constants.
  • Comment clean-up.
  • Cleaned up Graphs dialog.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed Export to Pastebin not working at all.
  • Fixed Copy Data not using new data variable.
  • Fixed Export HTML not using new data variable.
  • Fixed issue when Yahoo Weather returned an empty string for visibility.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
Project page:
Release page: