PastebinGTK 1.3

Changes (Features)

  • Added new “Get Paste Info” feature. This will prompt the user to enter a paste key or link, and will show the paste name, who uploaded it, when it was uploaded, when it will be deleted, and how many times it has been viewed.
  • Added three new fields to “Get User Detail”: profile views, total paste views, and when they joined
  • In “List User’s Pastes” and “List Trending Pastes”, untitled pastes will now show “Untitled” as the name instead of leaving the field blank.
  • Streamlined the login process a bit to remove unnecessary dialogs.
  • Some dialogs, notably the login dialog, will now default to having the OK button selected (so pressing Enter will activate the button).
  • CODE: Pretty big clean up of the code. Some things were moved to new files and all variables were made class properties instead of globals. Also cleaned up a lot of old or redundant comments.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed issue with “List Recent Pastes” where it didn’t work at all. That’s one big downside of having features based entirely on webscraping; if something changes on the website, the entire thing breaks.


Downloads can be found on the Github repository.