WeatherLog 4.3

Changes (Features)

  • Import changes:
    • Merged Import with Import and Merge. These now split only after the file has been selected and validated.
    • Import and Merge has been changed to the default option.
    • Added “Conflict” column to Import date selection dialog. This will display “No” for a row if it doesn’t already appear in the existing dataset, or “Yes” if it appears in both.
  • Remove Datasets changes:
    • Remove Datasets now allows the current dataset to be deleted. If this happens when other datasets exist it will choose the first (alphabetically sorted) dataset to switch to afterwards. If this happens when no other datasets exist it will create a new, blank “Main Dataset”.
    • Added keybinding for Remove Datasets.
  • Rename Dataset changes:
    • Rename Current Dataset has been renamed to Rename Dataset.
    • Rename Dataset now allows the current dataset to be renamed.
  • Changed About dialog link to the Github repository.
  • Data validation is now done before any other prompts for Import.
  • Added more descriptive error dialog messages for Copy Data to New/Existing Dataset.
  • Removed unnecessary space from exported HTML.
  • Added extra padding to Export to Pastebin dialog.

Changes (Code)

  • Changed location of application files on Windows.
    • Previous location: C:\.weatherlog
    • New location: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\weatherlog
    • NOTE: this will break backwards compatibility on Windows! This can be avoided by copying the data files at the previous location into the new one, as the files themselves haven’t changed.
  • Moved some application data into new files:
    • Created subdirectory weatherlog_resources/appdata for these files.
    • Moved menu.xml into this directory.
    • Created new file ui.json for interface data.
    • Created new file units.json for details on units.
    • Created new file default_config.json for storing the default configuration.
    • Created new files weather_codes.json for storing the weather detail codes.
  • Added new option “debug_mode”. If this is set to true the application will output debug info in certain functions. Note that there is no way to set this from the Options dialog, as it is obviously not meant for a user. This is pretty much just for my own use.
  • Miscellaneous dialogs ( module) now use application constants.
  • About dialog now has the parent properly set.
  • Copy Data to New/Existing Subset now use application constants.
  • Simplified code to set default options.
  • Error message changes:
    • Error messages now write the full error description.
    • Error messages now write the function in which the error occurred.
  • Miscellaneous comment improvements; continued to remove mentions of “profile”.
  • Simplified exported HTML title creation.
  • Removed unnecessary import.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed Remove not stopping if there is no data.
  • Fixed Data Subset not stopping if there is no data.
  • Fixed Graphs not stopping if there is no data.
  • Export and Export to Pastebin now use the correct error dialog.
  • Fixed Import as New Dataset not working at all.
  • Fixed Import as New Dataset not creating a new metadata file.
  • Fixed metadata not being created properly when recovering from a missing dataset.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
Project page:
Release page: