WeatherLog 4.4

Changes (Features)

  • Merged “Copy Data” and “Move Data” into one window.
  • “Copy Data” now has a Conflicts column when selecting which data to copy.
  • “Edit” now shows a date selection dialog if no data was selected in the main window.
  • “Remove” now shows the selected dates in the confirmation dialog.
  • Removed some unnecessary newlines in dialog text.
  • “Export to Pastebin” changes:
    • “Export to Pastebin” will now ask the user if they want to open the link in their web browser.
    • Added a default name for new pastes. This name is used if the user leaves the “name” field blank in the dialog.
    • Added new options for default paste name, exposure, and expiration.
    • Increased default width of “Export to Pastebin” dialog.
    • Fields in “Export to Pastein” dialog can now expand.
  • “Get Weather” changes:
    • Added an image to the dialog that changes based on current weather conditions.
  • Added “purge” command-line option. This will completely remove all data and configuration files. Not intended for users (“Clear All” already serves that purpose), more of a development thing for when potentially breaking changes are made to the files.
  • All dialogs can now be resized. I’m not sure why I even added this limitation in the first place.
  • Dataset selection windows that allow multiple selections now have the proper label.

Changes (Code)

  • Moved help link into data files.
  • Variables that used all caps have been changed to the rest of the application’s conventions.
  • Removed some unnecessary dataset checks for if datasets other than the currently open one existed. These were no longer necessary with the new dialogs.
  • Minor comment changes for dialog file headers.
  • Dataset metadata files now use JSON (renamed from “metadata” to “metadata.json” with a format change).
  • Main configuration file renamed from “config” to “config.json”. This file already used JSON format, this was merely a name change.
  • Merged “lastprofile” and “window_size” configuration files into a new file called “application_restore.json”.
  • Cleaned up “CurrentWeatherDialog” dialog class.
  • Moved note truncation code to “” module.
  • Added “pastebin.json” data file, with expiration and exposure constants.
  • Added dataset column index constants.
  • Merged “DatasetNameDialog” and “LocationDialog” into “GenericEntryDialog” (

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • WeatherLog now fully uses the “title” UI variable.
  • Fixed errors that would occur in “Add New” and “Get Current Weather” if the user was not connected to the internet.
  • Fixed “Clear All” causing an error and being unable to clear options.
  • Fixed “Clear All” resetting options with some options missing.
  • Fixed window width and height sometimes getting swapped when restarting the application.
  • Fixed being unable to start the application if certain configuration or data files were missing.
  • Fixed recurring warning messages when launching the application using the default configuration.
  • “Export” fixes:
    • Fixed Unicode errors in “Export to CSV”.
    • Fixed Unicode errors in “Export to HTML”.
    • Fixed formatting issues in “Export to CSV”.
    • Fixed extra “%” sign appearing in Humidity column title in “Export to HTML”.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when attempting to move data between datasets.
  • Fixed the dataset validation dialog not showing the proper dialog text.
  • Fixed moving data then immediately switching datasets not removing the data from the original dataset.
  • Fixed “Edit” not showing a dialog if there is no data to edit.
  • Fixed some inconsistent dialog text in dialogs used by dataset functions.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
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