WeatherLog 4.6

Changes (Features)

  • Added “Select All” button to “Info/Charts/Graphs for Selected Dates” date selection dialog.
  • Added option for forecast period; can be between 1 and 16.
  • Added message when using “purge” command line argument.
  • Added new location entry dialog for “Get Weather For”. This dialog allows the user to select whether the location they enter is a city or zip code.
  • Added error message to “Add New” and “Get Weather” for when the user attempts to use these features with no OpenWeatherMap API key set.

Changes (Code)

  • Merged info_range(), charts_range(), graph_range() into data_range().
  • Merged info_selected(), charts_selected(), graph_selected() into data_selected().
  • Fixed incorrect dialog class comments.
  • Removed old dict used previously for Yahoo! Weather.
  • Removed unnecessary error checks.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed “Add New” and “Get Weather” throwing errors if not connected to the internet.
  • Fixed “Add New” using the wrong configuration variable to get user’s location (‘location’ instead of ‘city’/’zip’).
  • Fixed incorrect “Edit” dialog text.
  • Fixed “Get Weather For” always using location set in options.
  • Fixed issue with “deg” (wind direction, in degrees) not always getting set in OpenWeatherMap data.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
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