Natural One 1.5

  • Feature changes:
    • Removing a system now deletes the imported system file.
    • Added feature to export templates.
    • Added feature to import templates.
  • Interface changes:
    • Added placeholder text to most inputs instead of default values. Along with this, most of the fields will default to these placeholder values if nothing is set, preventing user error and making validation easier.
    • Changed error styling to red border around the widget instead of red background with white text. This still needs work, as accessibility isn’t great, but it removes most aesthetic and user theme related issues.
    • Templates are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Improved tooltip on “clear output” header bar button.
    • Headers are now shown in the templates list.
    • Added “Rolls” column to the templates list to show the number of rolls in each template.
    • Critical range input can now longer be above 20.
  • Output changes:
    • Removed quotes from template roll output.
  • Code changes:
    • Fixed variable name shadowing.
    • Fixed code style issues.
    • Removed most roll input validation, as it is no longer necessary with default values and limited inputs.
    • Cleaned imports.
    • Removed unnecessary comments.
    • Moved the CSS data to a file to reduce duplication.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed extra newline at the end of the output.
    • Fixed typo in template dialog tooltip.
    • Fixed inconsistent grammar in template dialog labels.

All code is on GitHub:


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