Natural One 1.6

Despite having a very large number of lines changed, aside from a couple minor fixes and changes most of this release should be invisible to users. Instead, this release focuses more on the internals; there are multiple simplifications to common tasks, and a much stricter adherence to style conventions. This is part of my effort to clean up my “yeah it works, good enough” approach to new features, though there’s still a bit to go.

  • Interface changes:
    • Changed initiative list column spacing to give more room to the name.
    • Mixed weapon damage types now display in order. Previously, it would sort alphabetically, which isn’t the most intuitive or standard way to do it.
  • Code changes:
    • Renamed many functions.
    • Simplified mixed damage type calculations.
    • Added helper methods for getting selected indices in lists.
    • Renamed application and window classes.
    • All code now uses flake8 to adhere to style conventions.
    • Simplified question dialog result checking.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed spelling mistake.

All code is on GitHub:


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