Natural One 2.0

2.0! Not that much on the user side this time, but very significant internal changes. Natural One is now fully Python 3-compatible, and from now on will only target Python 3; starting with this version Python 2 support is dropped.

  • Interface changes:
    • Moved system file selection into a dialog instead of a filebutton. This means that the Add System section of the System dialog is gone, and now a system can be added from the Add button at the bottom of the systems list.
    • Increased default size of the template dialog.
    • Disabled multiplier input on template dialog when non-applicable critical options are set.
    • Added spacing between initiative radiobuttons.
    • Changed results display to a treeview, with improved spacing and formatting.
    • Added reordering to template rolls.
  • Output changes:
    • Critical fail and success messages are now bold.
    • Moved weapon name and damage die location in weapon roll output.
  • Systems changes:
    • Systems dialog now checks and automatically loads new built in systems when opened.
  • Code changes:
    • Simplified loading of symbolic icons with a new helper module.
    • Add proper Unicode support.
    • Remove Python 2 Unicode “support”.
    • Transitioned fully to Python 3.
    • Fixed shadowed names.
    • Fixed reordering items in lists jumping to the top in long lists.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed luralize helper functions.
    • Fixed weapon selection generator in Python 3.
    • Fixed popovers throwing errors on some systems.

All code is on GitHub:

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