Natural One 3.0

Jumping straight from 2.0 to 3.0 this time. Not what I’d normally do, but there are multiple significant changes here that break backward compatibility.

Originally, I had planned for the next release to be 2.1, and mostly just add support for the upcoming Pathfinder 2nd Edition. However, there are some pretty big differences in how some things are handled in that system (notably critical rolls), so I decided to finally get around to some things I had put off. Notably, the format of the data files has changed pretty significantly. The old file format was very much just an ad hoc thing that then got extended as needed, without much thought to making it easy to work with. I don’t intend to add much more support for other systems past Pathfinder 2e, but at least it’s much nicer to work with now.

Note that this release doesn’t yet have support for Pathfinder 2e; that will probably come with release 3.1. It’s still in playtest phase at the moment, so while I don’t expect anything that Natural One uses to change, I’m still going to wait to add the data files. Once it’s fully released, however, adding support should be very quick as all the technical changes are done.

In addition to the data files, templates got some changes for the same reasons. As a side effect of this, old template files are no longer compatible.

Besides breaking everything, I did actually implement some new stuff here. Proper dice progression is finally here! For systems that support it, you can now step up/down weapon damage dice to whatever size you want. Previously only small and medium sizes were supported, and were hardcoded, but now it can simply extrapolate from the medium dice.

There’s some UI improvements here as well, mostly on the Combat tab. The checkboxes properly fit into the grid, and so on.

  • Feature changes:
    • Templates now support “not rolled on critical hit” as a critical option.
    • For systems that support it, weapon size can now be selected.
  • Interface changes:
    • Changed checkboxes to apply critical hits to be togglebuttons instead.
    • Moved checkboxes on Combat tab into the grid.
    • Changed critical option radiobuttons in template dialog to a combobox, as there were becoming too many options.
    • Improved labels on Initiative tab.
  • Output changes:
    • Removed word “template” from template output results title.
  • Code changes:
    • Added preliminary support for Pathfinder 2e.
    • Changed data files to new format.
    • Rewrote weapon roller.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed failing to start due to missing system file.
    • Fixed incorrect path for user files on Windows. I’m still not planning on supporting Windows yet, but at the very least I don’t want to make more work in the future.
    • Fixed loading new data files requiring a restart.

All code is on GitHub:

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