Natural One 3.2

Almost entirely UI changes this time, fixes for some long-time visual issues.
  • Feature changes:
    • Added a button to the header to reset all input fields.
  • Output changes:
    • Changed the modifier line in attack and damage output to not show if all modifiers are zero.
    • Changed damage dice to display the on_critical dice instead of normal dice if applicable.
  • Interface changes:
    • Added extra spacing to treeview rows, so lists should be more readable now.
    • Improved section header text.
    • Simplified the template dialog grid internally, which also resulted in widgets aligning better.
    • Action bars now use appropriate classes to allow system themes to affect them properly.
    • Changed the critical icons to something more clear.
  • System changes:
    • Added full Pathfinder 2e Playtest support. This will be updated for the full version when it is released, but very little will need to be changed.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed broken formatting on some weapons with no damage dice.
    • Fixed old data file not fully updated to new format.
    • Fixed variable size dice count not having input checking applied.

All code is on GitHub: