This is a list of various projects I’ve worked on. There are some applications, with quite a few libraries as well. They are in varying states of completion, but if they’re listed here then at the very least they should be usable.


  • WeatherLog (GitHub, SourceForge, Freecode) – WeatherLog is an application for keeping track of the weather and getting information about past trends. Uses GTK+3 for the GUI. Currently on version 1.10.1.
  • PastebinGTK (GitHub, SourceForge, Freecode) – PastebinGTK is a Linux desktop client for the text sharing service. Uses GTK+3 for the GUI. Currently on version 1.0.
  • Rock Collector (GitHub) – Rock Collector is an application for keeping track of a geology collection. This is still in a pre-alpha state, and is nowhere near usable. Uses Gtk+3 for the GUI. (Update: as of 2/1/2014, this project is on indefinite hold. Which is an official-sounding way of saying that I got bored working on it. I’ll probably start again at some point though.)
  • pytextedit (GitHub, Google Code) – pytextedit is a text editor with some advanced features. Uses Tk for the GUI. Currently on version 0.4.


  • Weatherfire – (GitHub, Firefox Marketplace) – Weatherfire is a mobile port of WeatherLog for Firefox OS devices. Currently on version 0.1
  • extmath.js (GitHub, Google Code) – extmath.js is an extension to the JavaScript Math object. It adds many new functions, classes, and constants for a variety of different types of math.
  • exthttp.js (GitHub) – exthttp.js is a JavaScript library that adds many functions for scripted HTTP requests.
  • webworker2 (GitHub, Google Code) – webworker2 extends JavaScript’s Worker object with two new objects; one that merely simplifies the existing one, and one that allows a function to be used to create a worker without requiring it to be in a separate file.
  • Miscellaneous JavaScript (GitHub) – Miscellaneous JavaScript files for a variety of tasks.


  • extmath.nim (GitHub, SourceForge, Freecode)- extmath.nim is a math library for the Nimrod programming language. It is a port of extmath.js. Currently on version 1.0.
  • nimrod-csv (GitHub) – nimrod-csv is a Nimrod module for working with CSV (comma separated values) files.
  • nimrod-pastebin (GitHub) – nimrod-pastebin is a Nimrod wrapper of the Pastebin API.
  • nimrod-yahoo-weather (GitHub) – nimrod-yahoo-weather is a Nimrod wrapper of the Yahoo! Weather API.
  • nimrod-isgd (GitHub) – is a Nimrod wrapper of the URL shortener API.
  • nimrod-noaa (GitHub) – nimrod-noaa is a Nimrod wrapper of the NOAA weather API.
  • nimrod-rss (GitHub) – nimrod-rss is a Nimrod RSS module.
  • nimrod-cover-art-archive (GitHub) – nimrod-cover-art-archive is a Nimrod wrapper of the Cover Art Archive API.
  • nimrod-gravatar (GitHub) – nimrod-gravatar is a Nimrod wrapper of the Gravatar API.
  • nimrod-geonames (GitHub) – nimrod-geonames is a Nimrod wrapper of the GeoNames API.
  • nimrod-brainfuck (GitHub) – nimrod-brainfuck is an interpreter for the Brainfuck programming language, written in Nimrod.
  • exthttp.nim (GitHub) – exthttp.nim is a Nimrod module that adds more procs for making HTTP requests.
  • nimrod-osrc (GitHub) – nimrod-osrc is a Nimrod wrapper around the Open Source Report Card (OSRC).

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