I decided to actually start working on this

I’ve started working the the geology application again. The menus are now all done, and I’ve started working on the dialogs. Currently only the Add Rock dialog is complete:

Add Rock_006


Rock Collector update, Sept 27

I really haven’t been working on this much, but I’m going to start in on it again.


  • Finished menu accelerators.
  • Moved the UI data to a file in the resources directory.
  • Added comments and a bunch of non-code stuff.
  • File -> Quit now works.

As you can see, I’ve made a huge amount of progress…

Geology application

Now that WeatherLog is basically done for now, I’ve started working on a new program. This one is meant to help keep organize a rock/mineral/fossil collection.

The current title is Rock Collector, but that’s a very boring name that I’ll almost certainly change later, as soon as I think of something better.

So far all I’ve done is planning how the data will be stored and other boring stuff, as well as starting on the basic UI:

Rock Collector_001The main UI will be divided into three tabs, one for each type of data. Each tab will then have a set of columns to display the relevant fields.

There are a few fields that everything (rocks, minerals, and fossils) will have: date collected, location found, notes, and image. There is also an ID field, but this is just the way that the program keeps track of the items.

In addition to those, each type has different fields that are relevant to that type. Rock has name, type, color, texture, structure and hardness. Mineral has name, color, luster, streak, hardness, specific gravity, cleavage, and crystal structure. Fossil has age, species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom.

That’s really all I’ve gotten done so far. The code is on GitHub, and I’ll probably create SourceForge and Freecode pages once this gets somewhere close to usable.