WeatherLog 3.1 + WeatherLog 3.1.1

There are two new releases just because I forgot to commit a change I made before adding the release on Github, which evidently doesn’t let you delete or edit releases.

Changes (Features)

  • Add New will now prompt to overwrite existing data if the user selects a date that has already been entered. Previously it would show an error and close the dialog when this occurred, in order to prevent accidental overwrites. However, this also meant that if a user wanted to completely overwrite data (as opposed to using the Edit feature) they would need to delete it first then enter the new data, which was a needlessly long process.
  • Implemented date rounding for Info in Range, Charts in Range, and Graphs in Range. In previous versions of WeatherLog the dates selected had to have data entered for them, but this wasn’t very flexible, as it required the user to know the exact dates data was entered in. Now if the starting date isn’t found it will round up to the next entered date, and if the ending date isn’t found it will round down to the previous entered date.
  • Added more descriptive error messages. Nobody wants to see a dialog telling them something is invalid without giving any clues on how to fix it. In particular, the error messages for validating dataset names and imported data are much more descriptive, and will say exactly what is wrong. Info in Range, Charts in Range, and Graphs in Range also had their error messages improved.
  • Changed some default dialog sizes to be more consistent.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed WeatherLog not being able to start when matplotlib wasn’t installed. The intent was to allow the application to work normally without that library, but simply disable graphs. However, there were missing import checks in two modules that caused it to fail.
  • Fixed incorrect title formatting in Info in Range that caused an error.
  • Fixed typo in error dialog in Info in Range, Charts in Range, and Graphs in Range.


Downloads and code are available on Github.
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