PastebinGTK 2.0

Changes (Features)

  • Log in changes:
    • Added log in bar. This is a toolbar on the bottom of the window with fields for username, password, and buttons for log in and log out.
    • Moved status bar to the right side of the log in bar.
    • Log in no longer requires a user to be logged out already. This made switching accounts clunkier than necessary.
    • Log in errors (wrong password, for example) no longer log out the currently logged in user.
    • Removed log in and log out menu items and User menu; User Details menu item is now in Pastebin menu.
    • Removed prompt for log in option; unnecessary now that the log in dialog no longer exists.
    • Removed log in success dialog.
    • Removed log out success dialog.
  • List Recent Pastes now shows “Unknown” instead of “-” for pastes without a format.
  • Moved Options menu item into Pastebin menu; removed Options menu.
  • Editor now grabs focus on application start.
  • Added spacing to Options dialog.
  • Added tooltips to Options dialog.
  • Changed the About dialog link.

Changes (Bugfixes)

  • Fixed paste list dialogs being far too small.
  • Fixed paste list dialog column title inconsistency.
  • Fixed editor font not getting properly set to system default monospace.
  • Fixed log in error dialog not showing the correct message.
  • Fixed Options not saving the show line numbers option.

Changes (Code)

  • Fixed GTK import causing warnings.
  • Moved application data into new files (resources/appdata/*).
  • Changed application restore data to use JSON files.
  • Moved IO methods in into
  • Removed
  • Removed unnecessary comments.
  • Renamed ListPastesDialog2 to ListTrendingPastesDialog and move class into its own file.
  • Removed log in dialog class.
  • Moved pastebin API data lists to new file (resources/python_pastebin/
  • Moved some dicts into module.


Downloads can be found on the Github repository.